Redcon1 Announces Release of New Anabolic 11 Bravo

Redon1 has been busy this year with new releases. And now, they are releasing their new anabolic formula 11 Bravo. In doing so, Redcon1 has continued to expand the number of “natural” supplements currently available to their customers.

The list of ingredients in 11 Bravo have not been released yet. However, we have been told that everything in 11 Bravo will be natural. Redcon1 insist that 11 Bravo will help with gaining muscle by increasing protein synthesis, while at the same time supporting fat loss. They have also announced that it can be stacked with several of their other products, including MOAB and Halo. We will let you know once Redcon1 releases the list of ingredients, and announces a release date.



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