Hi-Tech Pharmaceutical DMAA Update

Hi-Tech Pharmaceutical DMAA – Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals ever longing battle with the Food and Drug Administration may have just recently come to a close concerning the ingredient known to most as DMAA.  As many individuals know Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals and the Food and Drug Administration have been going at it with many court cases involving the aforementioned ingredient.  Most recently Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals won back their confiscated products through the court proceedings.  However, this new round of litigations seems to answer many of the lingering questions that have been going around, as many individuals in the industry assumed that Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals was going to bring back DMAA in a big way during the upcoming Olympia competition, this is likely not the case anymore.

The ruling has come out of the 11th circuit court of appeals that has reaffirmed the ruling that DMAA is not a dietary supplement.  The ruling states that DMAA is not an “herb or other botanical”.  It is not a constituent of an herb or other botanical.  And it is not generally recognized by qualified experts, as adequately shown through scientific procedures to be safe under the condition of its intended use.  To break it done, since the ingredient is not an herb or botanical it doesn’t not fall under the DHSEA laws which define what is a dietary supplement, thus making it an adulterated product to be sold as a dietary supplement.

Another issue presented by this ruling is the large number of products containing DMAA still on the shelves and being produced today.  This along with many of the SARM and prohormone products still on the market as well.  These product as a whole give the industry a black eye.

The issue here is now two-fold, one the Food and Drug Administration has a victory under their built and will more than likely continue to erode the DSHEA laws through continued nonsense and they do not even follow their own laws.  The second half to this ruling is the inability of the Food and Drug Administration to enforce these rules.  Many supplement companies will gladly follow the rules but if there is a segment of the dietary companies selling adulterated products how is anyone to take these rulings seriously?  It is likely that Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals will appeal this ruling and continue fighting through the legal processes.  We would love to hear everyone’s opinion on the new ruling regrading DMAA, as we can all but assume this will not be the last court case.

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