Glaxon Releases Unique HYBRID Keto-Carb Energy Solution

Glaxon Releases Unique HYBRID Keto-Carb Energy Solution: Glaxon continues on its path of world domination, both on earth and in space, according to Glaxon’s avatar space cadet and Commander of the Goon Squad. They have released an almost complete line up of products at the tail end of 2019, ranging from preworkouts, nootropics, to unique solutions to problems you may not have even realized you had (like SuperGreens!).

Their releases have all been followed up by both quick clips and an in depth explanation of their formulations by the Supplement Lab and their social media has been full of positive reviews and feedback from their Goon Squad fan base. You can also search Glaxon for our product writes ups here on Glaxon Releases Unique HYBRID Keto-Carb Energy Solution.

Hybrid is the newest release and it’s a unique blend of both ketone and carb derived fuels that work synergistically to provide the body with access to all of its different energy systems. There are quick, medium, and long duration energy systems at play and depending on your fitness level and type of workouts you can usually find a hole somewhere in one them.

Glaxon hopes to fill that gap for those who are say “keto-adapted” who may lack power in a workout with a blend of fast twitch performance enhancing carbs mixed with essential endurance ketone precursors called BHB salts. For those who have speed and power but lack endurance they offer that same blend, but it will have supporting fast twitch benefits but offering extra fuel for the endurance system that is not as well built up by providing access to ketone substrates faster than if the body was to release and covert ketones itself.

Those who may benefit the most would be those cutting body fat/on a caloric deficit. Gym Goers doing hour plus workouts (especially 2 hour workouts), endurance athletes who need that last push at the end of their workouts, etc.. MMA and or Kickboxing type athletes who need a well rounded energy system would find a likely positive results as well.

Stayed tuned as we will drop a full product overview right after this article for you to check out Hybrid in all its glory. Read more about Glaxon Releases Unique HYBRID Keto-Carb Energy Solution.


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