DVST8 of the Union – Pre-Order

As always Inspired Nutraceuticals has some of the most tantalizing graphics that we have ever seen bestowed upon a supplement label. This new version of DVST8 is coming at you with a psychedelically iridescence label not much seen in the mundane supplement world of bland and boring labels. In fact, this new iteration of the brands pre-workout product is currently under a presale until October 23rd. This product should be hitting a local store near you soon.

The DVST pre-workout has been the brands bread and butter and this product does not look like it will disappoint any of its current users or audience. Along with what looks like a great pre-workout the brand is also bringing in some pretty trippy artwork to take it to the next level. The packaging appears to be a prelude to a product that is pumped full of trademarked ingredients and also host a nonproprietary formula. The brand claims that this product will be a step into a “stimulated reality” as it has effective doses of Cocoabuterol, zumXR, CoLean, EnXtra, and L-Tyrosine. This product also hosts the ingredients yohimbine, Alpha-Yohimbine and Isopropylnorsynephrine; they are extremely strong stimulants thus you can assume you will be blasting to the moon. Upon the viewing of the ingredients this product does not appear it will disappoint for a user.

With the packing of the product pleasing to the eye and the caliber and list of ingredients in the product equally as astounding, this product looks like it will be as advertised. The brand didn’t stop there though, even the flavors of the product go the extra mile. You will have the flavors of black nebula (grape and strawberry), L$D (lemon and strawberry daiquiri), and northern lights (blue coconut colada) to choose from. The flavors and names seem to be just as exotic as the rest of the brand, we could call it exotic DVST8 but I do digress.

There is no doubt this product will slap as the kids say. On the brands website you can pick up this product for $44.99 and if you want you can even use the popular service known as sezzle to pay overtime for your supplements on the site.

Check out the Inspired Nutraceuticals site by clicking here.


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