Bang Energy Has Released a New Birthday Cake Bash Flavor

Bang Energy wants you to celebrate everyday like it’s your birthday – Bang Energy is one of the fastest growing supplement brands around today. They have been sued by Monster several times, with owner and CEO Jack Owoc declaring victory while sipping on a Bang, and doing a victory dance (well, kind of). Anyways, no none can dispute the popularity of Bang Energy, and the recent victories that Jack has had over the other major players in the Mass Energy Drink market.

Bang Energy has been around for years, well before they became popular on a mainstream level. Supplement stores throughout the country were the first ones to carry and sell Bang Energy drinks. And because of their support, Bang Energy is where it is today. And one of the things that Bang Energy is known for is releasing drinks that taste better than anything else out there. Oh, the times I would go to the local gas station and convenience store, and lament at the fact that there wasn’t a Bang to choose from. Well, times have changed.

And now that Bang is so popular everywhere, Jack Owoc and his team are releasing new flavors all the time. The good news is that it looks like they have created another winning flavor. Yep, the mystery flavor that Bang Energy has been teasing us about over the past few weeks appears to be none other than Birthday Cake Bash!

And that’s not all that is different about this new flavor. The new flavor is also getting a label design upgrade. The Birthday Cake Bash bottle looks awesome. It is easily one of the best looking energy drink labels around. Also, it is keeping the same theme that it appears VPX and Bang will be using for the release of their future supplements. Just look at the images of the New Shotgun 5X pre-workout that Jack posted on Instagram, and it is easy to see the resemblance.

While the official VPX and Bang Energy website has not been updated to display the new Birthday Cake Bash flavor, they are currently taking pre-order sales. Also, there has been word from several independent supplement stores throughout the country that they have already received the new Birthday Cake Bash flavor.

If you want to get your hands on this new flavor, then we suggest that you give your local mom and pop, or independent store a call to see if they have received it yet. Chances are that there is a Birthday Cake Bash Bang Energy drink waiting with your name on it.

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