Arnold Schwarzenegger Wants Drug Testing in Bodybuilding

If you think that the current crop of bodybuilders and fitness competitors are drug free, then you are gravely mistaken. Bodybuilders and fitness competitors have been using anabolic steroids for decades. Even the bodybuilders of Arnold’s time used steroids to get bigger and leaner. It is important to note that using steroids was not illegal in the United States during Arnold’s time as a bodybuilder. That didn’t happen until later when steroid use started getting out of hand in professional sports, such as baseball and football. Maybe it was because they were legal, or they just weren’t as advanced as today’s steroids, but whatever the case, bodybuilders and fitness competitors didn’t seem to abuse steroids as much as they do today.

Recently the legend himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, told reporters that he thinks the state of bodybuilding and the fitness industry is out of control. Arnold thinks that it’s time that we started drug testing bodybuilders and fitness competitors. Not to control the sport, but to help save lives. And Arnold has some very good points.

The recent crop of bodybuilders is anything but healthy, and isn’t that supposed to be the whole point of lifting weights and working out? To get stronger and healthier? Numerous bodybuilders and fitness competitors have been dropping like flies over the past decade. And while steroids may not be linked to their official causes of death, they caused them. The human body is not designed to carry extra weight. And yes, many people believe that having tons of muscle is healthier than being obese. However, this is not the case. Your cardiovascular system and your heart can’t handle the extra weight, no matter what kind of weight it is. This has led to numerous professional and novice bodybuilders, and fitness competitors, to develop serious heart conditions, such as heart failure and heart attack.

If the current trends continue, there will be only more deaths surrounding the fitness industry. It appears that Arnold has a point. If you think that today’s bodybuilders are health, think again. They are some of the unhealthiest people on the planet.


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