Supplements for Kids

Supplements for Kids: Many parents in the fitness industry will more than likely begin to push the idea of supplementation into their children’s diet and with good reason as children are picky eaters at.  Often times like adults’ children’s diets are also lacking in many of the same areas regarding nutrition.  However, there are some do’s and don’ts to this that must be following in order for the children and young adults to stay safe through this process.  This article will cover many areas where supplements fall short or the negative aspects of this side of the industry.

Often times dietary supplements are not natural or safe as they are claimed to be on the packaging.  The Food and Drug Administration’s regulations on dietary supplements is a bit light to say it best compared to something like over-the-counter drugs.  The idea that is what is on the label is what is in the product is often times a blurred line that is almost always trampled on in the supplement industry.  Sometimes these supplements can also interact with medications and produce many unwanted side effects in children and young adults as well.

There needs to be strict supervision when these products are taken especially if the subject is taking something that is prescription or an over-the-counter drug.  It would be wise to consult your pediatrician prior to introducing anything that could possibly be extremely foreign into a child or young adults’ diet.

It can be a good idea to begin getting your child the proper nutrition that they need but it must be done with the highest standards of care in regards to overall health and mainly safety.  The best route to take would be to consult your local doctor on the subject matter and let them help you decide on what direction best to take. Read more about Supplements for Kids.


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