Is Doing Keto Healthy?

With the massive rise in popularity of the keto diet amongst almost all fitness groups.  There is always the question of whether it is healthy or not.  It is believed that ketosis or a ketogenic life style can have healthful effects on many conditions that are plague everyday individuals across the world.

Ketosis has been shown to help and possibly prevent cardiovascular issues and diseases, battle diabetes, and support the healthy function of many metabolic syndromes. By the nature of the way ketosis works it can even help increase levels of HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) in the body leading to the prevention of some forms of cardiovascular disease.

However, it is possible to overdo the keto diet and enter a state known as ketoacidosis.  Essentially this is a large buildup of ketones in the body where the blood becomes acidic and yes this can become fatal.  This generally doesn’t not happen in healthy adults and is somewhat of a rare condition for the most part.  Generally, individuals reaching this stage are diabetics or alcoholics who have neglected themselves for one reason or another.

With everything we know about the ketogenic diet it is for the most part 100% safe for most people.  As with everything you should consult your medical professional as you go down the journey of ketosis yourself.



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