Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine: Many individuals have decided that the traditional path of medicines is now with recent research far too destructive in nature for simple issues regarding the human body.  For thousands of years many cultures have used what the earth has given and though often not as effective or direct as modern medicine it holds a place that seems to work.  With the recent rise in the opioid epidemic solely caused by the Food and Drug Administration failures and their total lack of care and clear lobbying from the pharmaceutical industry, the trust of the people has been fractured.

The idea that herbal medicine is not as good as modern medicine would be to deny the history of medicine all together.  Herbal medicine was the establishment of what is now modern medicine through simply trial and error over thousands of years.  However, over the years due to effectiveness and monetary value conventional medicine has taken over but not without consequences of massive life destroying side effects that some pharmaceuticals have know the benefits of Herbal Medicine.

The Food and Drug Administration is basically the enemy of the people in regard to herbal medicines as these types of therapies are frowned upon.  They are often far more affordable that traditional medicines especially in the age of price gauging by pharmaceutical companies.  These substances are far easier to obtain than prescription medicines and to administer. There is a massive reduction in side effects to the detrimental pharmaceuticals.

There is a place in the world for both forms of therapy for the neglect historical medicine so opioids can be prescribed for profit is a violation of the fiduciary duty at the highest level.  An individual should educate themselves in all things available for their treatment.  They may find that it is far safer and less detrimental to their health to go in the more natural direction in the long run. Read more about Herbal Medicine.


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