Do Pre-Workouts really work?

With the massive explosion in the dietary supplement industry of what seems like a new supplement company coming out every 15 minutes the question has to be proposed do they actually work and are they bad for you?

The simple answer is that no pre-workouts are not bad for you taken in moderation and based on your experience level with these products.  It is similar that the likes of drinking alcohol, you don’t drag grab four long island ice teas on your first day.  You start with a half of one and then work your way to two and see how you feel.  This is generally the same rule with almost anything in life especially pre-workouts.  Starting with a full dose for most people could be a shoot to the system causing all the warning signs of over doing it.

As with the explosion of the market comes an explosion in diversity inside of the already crowded pre-workout category.  As an experienced user, you already know how to navigate this field but as a notice or even a beginner this can be an over whelming task.  There are two types of products to look for in general proprietary blends and non-proprietary blends.  In theory people tend to associate proprietary blends with “not good” or “trash” products but this is an illogical approach.  If a company truly believes they have a great product why would they put the dosages and formula out for the general public to see aka for the competition to steal?  Don’t you think Pepsi would really want that coke formula or vice versa?  On the other end of the spectrum there are non-proprietary blends which essentially list everything on the label by dosage of said ingredient.  This can still be confusing as knowing what each individual ingredient is for can be just as confusing.

Knowing about the above two statements it is simple to understand the following.  Purchase a product and use the mentioned alcohol method to determine if it is a good fit for you.  There is really know way to know if an ingredient such as yohimbine or any other ingredient will upset you or cause great performance gains other than by taking it.  It is always a good again to remember start small and work your way up!



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