Combating Depression with Exercise.

As the mental health crisis is really rearing its ugly ahead amongst a larger population of the world a simple question arises, what can be done to combat this or prevent it from happening on such a large scale?  There is a type of natural cure that science seems to be moving toward validating fully and this is simply exercise of almost any type.  When exercise or physical activity occurs the body releases endorphins which are chemicals that interact at the neurological level in the neurons of nerves to reduce the onset and perception of pain or a variety of other functions.

The simplest way to look at endorphins is almost like the bodies pain killers.  They signal positive feelings in the body similar to pain killers like morphine, hence why morphine is so active as it bonds the same way in the body.  Endorphins can also have effects that put you to sleep as well. Introducing activities like exercise have been shown to reduce stress, help reduce anxiety and depression symptoms while boosting self-image and improving upon sleep cycles.  It can be hypothesized that increases in the endorphin output in the body can be a great way to help reduce depression and even prevent it from starting.

There is no specific exercise that is statically proven to be better than the next.  A good point to note is that group type exercises tend to work better in the long run as a good social network can go a long way in combating depression.  Also, it can be a key factor in motivation to continue on your path, as you may find other individuals suffering from the same problem with the same goals in mind a common bond can be made.

In getting started with exercise it is important to try and find something that can and will be enjoyable most or all of the time.  If you then can incorporate that into your schedule on a daily routine you will be rocking and rolling and heading in the right direction.  As with most things exercise can become mundane and boring so it is important to make sure you keep switch things up and keep making it fun for yourself.


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