CBD:Its Potential Benefits Part 2

CBD:Its Potential Benefits – Part 2

In Part 1 of this series we talked about CBD’s effect on Adenosine, a neurotransmitter that is basically the off switch in the brain and tells the body to relax and or even prepare for sleep (a basic summary.) Caffeine opposes adenosine binding in the brain and makes you feel more wakeful and avoid sleepiness (for a limited time) and anyone who has drank coffee too late at night knows its jittery or anxiety type side effects.

So CBD effects Adenosine positively (opposite of caffeine) and potentially can assist with eliminating some levels of anxiety, inflammation, and improving sleep. Turns out that CBD also effects certain receptors for Serotonin as well. Serotonin has a lot of different receptor types, but the ones CBD effect can lead to anti-depressant activity. As you could imagine someone suffering from anxiety, PTSD, sleep issues, etc.. might be a little out of balance in the brain and or have feelings of hopelessness that could be benefited from some of that Serotonin activity.

There is only a multi-billion dollar industry dedicated to drugs that treat these receptors out there, and a natural alternative in extracted cannabinoids that rivals that industry is a major threat. So, while we wait for more clinical data keep an eye on the companies investing into CBD, Cannabis, and other Cannabinoids technologies to get a better idea of how effective this avenue might be in the future.


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