CBD: Potential Benefits – Part 1

CBD: Potential Benefits  – CBD is a hot topic, especially now that its available almost everywhere and in RTD form in many of the fridges across the country. A lot of people are running to CBD based on stories of magic cure-all or life changing first doses, and while some of these can be attributed to placebo, or bro-cebo, there is some decent context to the fact certain people finding a solution to a few problems in their life in clinical studies being released.

It seems people suffering from PTSD ( not just war veterans) may be getting benefit via its effects on reducing anxiety (anxiolytic) and improving sleep quality. Overall, this effect could be from CBD’s ability to interact with a receptor called adenosine (the one caffeine likes to turn off.) Adenosine in larger doses can be responsible for sleepiness and fatigue, but in moderate doses can lower heart rate and decrease inflammation, etc..

The idea maybe that CBD can just take a little push off the gas pedal of the body and offer some literally “chill” but not so much as to knock someone out. The edginess or nervous energy associate with many anxiety issues is definitely a tipping point for many to feel helpless, and if CBD can benefit these conditions it would be great to see more clinical validation.

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