Aging and Weight Training

The body operates in the same aspect as your muscles.  When you work your muscles, they tend to grow to meet the demands of the stress that is put on them.  This concept can be applied for almost any type of fiber in the body from neurological to heart tissue.  It also invokes a type of confidence in people where they stop seeing their age as a dreaded number.  These small changes can add a huge impact to the number of years someone may live and the overall quality of life that may have.

The evidence is pretty clear from just about anywhere you look that around your early to mid-forty’s most everyone begins losing muscle mass, this is around .5% a year give or take depending on the individual.  This essentially happens till death or even worse an individual may become bed ridden.  Remember quality of life is everything at the ladder stages of life.

This process of body dilapidation can be slowed and sometimes stopped with just some general strength training. There have been multiple investigational studies into this, and they have all found that older individuals who begin resistance training saw a reverse in the aging process.  It is the same thought process as use it or lose it.  Dr. Valter Longo stated ““Humans evolved as a species that walks, runs, climbs trees and hills, and uses a variety of muscles all the time. Now people use elevators and escalators instead of stairs, drive instead of walk, use dishwashers and washing machines instead of washing dishes and clothes by hand, buy food instead of growing it, and hire people to do even minor repair work around the house instead of fixing things ourselves.”

There are some key things to know as you move forward.   Expect to find yourself being sore a great deal of the time, since you have not performed in this type of activity in some time.  It is a good idea to look into getting a personal trainer or working with a physical therapist when getting started especially if you are more seasoned (aged).  You will want to work on technique and proper form especially when starting it. Now go out there and get it!


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