Creatine Nitrate

Creatine Nitrate is one of the most popular forms of nutritional supplements and dietary ingredients on the market and is still growing in popularity.  This is for good reason, as it simply works and preforms its function with little to no downside.  The amount of research and documentation into creatine monohydrate is staggering to say it lightly.  Creatine Nitrate is basically taking this body of work such as improved or chanced ATP production during exercise, supporting the increase in muscular size and strength of said muscle, supporting endurance and supporting powder output to name a few and taking it to the next level.

Nitrates are compounds that are found in foods such as at spinach, kale, and beets.  These foods introduce nitrates into the body and thus this increases the nitric oxide in the body.  This is said to help improve and support the blood flow in the body which will in turn support oxygen delivery.  There is also evidence that these nitrates can repose blood vessels, which in theory would allow for an ease in workload on the heart as the blood would flow more freely back from the extremities.

Thus, creatine nitrate is the best of both worlds.  It has a large increase in water solubility making it far more effective for both substances.  This is possible because of the bonding of the creatine to a nitrate group.  This allows for increase bioavailability per milliliter of water which will in turn leads to a greater consumption of both nitrates and creatine.

With much stagnation in the dietary supplement industry it is good to see some quality ingredients start hitting the market that are deemed safe for consumption and have great health benefits.  This class of ingredients known as nitrates in one to keep an eye on as it will become a staple across the supplement industry in a major way.


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