What time is it? Swole O’Clock , Check Your Wrist!

One thing that goes hand in hand with big lift, big biceps, and the fitness industry is bling and showing off your material success, What time is it. While not everyone can roll with a Rolex its definitely game time come expos and bodybuilding shows for those who are stepping on stage. How else are you going to meet the fitness girl of your dreams?

What time is it, one brand that you may not expect that has blow up in the fitness scene is Swole O’Clock and just like it sounds these are oversized 50mm+ size watches that are stoic, sturdy, and flashy just like you would expect from a successful brand in the fitness world.

A blend of Swiss and German engineering these are a step up from your Fossil brands economy watches, but not quite up there with the Rolex and Movado type brands, and also, they have a much more alpha male feel and probably weigh a solid lb or two.

There line up comes in a few variations:

  • VIP
  • VIP AV8R
  • Carbon
  • Limited Edition

The watches start at around $169 and go all the way up to arounr $1200, with some made to order gold edition that tip new car prices. Some of the stand out looks are the more expensive limited titanium and frosted models, and the budget Apollo 1st edition at a more affordable $190.

So, if you are into wrist accessories that don’t involve your deadlifts or your clean pulls then check out Swole O’Clock and their S series watches, What time is it.


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