The SARM Revolution

The SARM Revolution: As many individuals in the supplement industry, both consumers and sellers know after the fall of the ever-popular prohormone category of products came something wildly new.  The dietary supplement industry seems to find ways of evolution and adaptation that fit the needed outcome for the end users whether ethical or unethical.  However, the legality and ethics of this seems to be somewhat on a different level for the most part.  As most prohormones went the way of the dinosaurs a new comer emerged into the field to takes its places that seemed to tick all of the right boxes including that of massive profit margins for everyone.  As with many things in the supplement world, if it works, then it can be sold.  With caution and ethics to the wind many brands quickly turned to The SARM Revolution.

The SARM Revolution stands for selective androgen receptor modulators which are a therapeutic compound that’s has somewhat similar properties to an anabolic but without much of the androgenic types of properties.  In the simplest forms, you can use a specific SARM to do a specific task in the body with little to no side effects according to much of the research.  This was great news for the supplement world and these now research chemicals where quickly bottled and sold as dietary supplements to assist individuals with their progress in the gym under that claims of little to no side effects.  SARMs are in no way shape or form a dietary ingredient and should be treated as such, not for human consumption.  In the clinical trials, much of the research was positive even as many didn’t make the cut to become a drug but like prohormones had extreme value to individuals wanting to do things such as put on more skeptical muscle mass.

Now that SARMs are extremely main stream and the Food and Drug Administration seems to be side stepping the issues by not really enforcing the rules as they should be the dietary supplement industry is seeing an explosion of these products that are coming in a massive variation and slowly eroding the integrity of the industry.


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