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Welcome to the Ghost Lifestyle, bro.

So, Ghost is a new brand that was formed by Ryan Hughes, Daniel Lourenco, and Paul Haverland. This group of Millennials appears to have their stuff together, and have pulled off putting a supplement brand together. They seem to be trying to emulate Inspired Nutraceuticals, but if they make quality products, who really cares.

Ryan Hughes is considered by some to be an IFBB Pro, but not in bodybuilding. He is an IFBB Fitness Pro. I’m not taking anything away from his accomplishments, but that means he uses just enough steroids to be kinda big. Also, while I’m not trying to judge anyone, if you must wear board shorts to cover up your missing leg development, should you really be considered an IFBB Pro? While that is a debate for another day, you can’t discredit that he was able to take advantage of the system, and has inspired thousands of people to get in shape. That is something that the world needs more of, even if Ryan needs some help bringing up his calves.

I don’t know much about Daniel Lourenco, but judging from his pictures, he is more concerned with looking good in t-shirts and sporting a nice pair of shoes. And then you have Paul Haverland who looks like he has never touched a weight in his life. Again, not trying to judge, but if you are trying to make hardcore sports supplements, then please, at least live the lifestyle.

All joking aside, I wish the best for this trio of youngsters. They clearly love beach muscles, and training arms instead of legs. Sorry, I just can’t help myself. So, now that I have that off my chest, lets look at the products.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to be a sports supplement formulator. However, these guys have put together some decent products. Their pre-workout, Ghost Legend, is legit, but clearly is designed for people to use two scoops at a time, which means for $49.99 you can expect a tub to last you 15 days. It appears that they also don’t mind you taking two servings of Ghost Size a day, especially after they hint at the fact that Beta-Alanine works best in TWO separate servings a day. Ghost Pump is probably the best product they make. They use a huge serving of Arginine Nitrate. However, this is not original since USPlabs first used it their original Yok3d over seven years ago.

Overall, Ghost seems to be your average sports supplement brand, but with nice label designs. It seems like they are selling you more on the brand than cutting edge supplements, which is fine, you just need to be aware of what’s going on.

Ghost Lifestyle Best Sellers:

  • Ghost Legend (pre-workout, high stimulant, pumps, focus)
  • Ghost Size (Creatine blend, betaine)
  • Ghost Pump (nitric oxide (NO) booster, pumps)
  • Ghost BCAA (branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), recovery)


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