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After CON-CRET was first released, it was clear that ProMera Sports was one of the leaders in creatine development. ProMera’s parent company, Vireo Systems was born in 2002. They wanted to develop and bring clinically proven ingredients to the fast growing sports supplement industry.

As the story goes, the guys at ProMera were intrigued by creatine, and its numerous benefits. At the time, creatine was the most studied, and proven sports supplement of the time. In fact, it’s still the most studied and proven sports supplement of all time.

ProMera had a team of highly-trained university-based scientist studying and testing amino acid conjugations. On January 23, 2003, these scientists made a huge miscalculation with a batch of catalysts they were studying. What was considered a disaster at the time, resulted in the birth of one of the best-selling creatine products ever. Enter CON-CRET.

After the mistake, the scientist working for Vireo identified the molecule as creatine hydrochloride or C-HCL. Over the next four years, Vireo continued to study creatine HCL and its numerous benefits. Mark Faulkner, founder of Vireo, thought creatine-HCL was one of most unique creatine products he had ever seen, or used. When he compared creatine-HCL to other types of creatines, he made the revelation the C-HCL was like a concentrated form of creatine. Hence, he decided to call it CON-CRET (CONcentrated CREATine).

When the head guys over at GNC heard Faulkner speak, they were blown away, and quickly made an offer to put CON-CRET in all their 5,000+ retail stores. Because of the success of CON-CRET, ProMera was able to grow their product lineup, and have now expanded into several different sports supplement categories.

ProMera’s lineup now includes pre-workouts, a BCAA recovery product, and even the highest quality whey protein concentrate currently available (WPC-80).

Best Sellers:

  • CON-CRET (creatine HCL)
  • PRE – (high energy pre-workout, pumps, endurance, focus)
  • PUMP – (nitric oxide (NO), pumps, blood flow, recovery)
  • WOMEN’S ELITE – (women’s fat burner, weight loss, thermogenic, energy, hair skin and nails)
  • BURN – (fat burner, weight loss, thermogenic, energy)
  • ALPHA RECOVERY PLUS – (branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), post-workout recovery, glutamine, joint health)
  • WHEY PRO80 (whey protein concentrate (WPC-80 USDA, meal replacement, recovery)


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