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Kaged Muscle Brand Intro: Kaged Muscle is a successful and high profile brand that emerged out of the bodybuilding.com scene with Fitness Model and Hardcore Weight Junky Chris Gethin. Chris, garnered a lot of praise and a large following for being among the first of the Ink and Muscle type element, and he did it all before the era of IG its fitness icon dominated and brand influenced center pieces for the fitness world.

Kaged Muscle had one ideal and that was to bring purity, potency, and transparency to the industry of what was then still a hodge podge of companies spouting any number of claims and still managing to fail purity tests while hiding behind large prop blends. Kaged was one of the first to go completely transparent, test for banned substances, and establish itself almost entirely online before entering into retail stores like GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, etc..

Chris Gethin recently partnered with Vitamin Shoppe as part of their Wellness Council and is helping them streamline their sports nutrition program and add valuable insight into the world that is now the race for cGMP and 3rd party tested manufacturing.

Using a host of patented ingredients and trademarked raws they focus on quality over quantity offering a consistent, stackable, and customizable line up products that can suit anyone from the aspiring bodybuilder to amateur or professional athletics.

Attempting to keep the brand as natural as possible they utilize a lot of natural flavoring and colors, fermentation, and quality extractions in their formulas all while still offering some of the single ingredients standards next to their more complex formulations like preworkouts and thermogenics.

Overall, they are growing and planting flags across the industry in a time where many companies are just hanging on to their social media followings, and you can bet they will stay players in the game in the coming future as regulations start to tighten within the industry.

Kaged Muscle Brand Intro Top Products

  • Pre-Kaged – pre workout
  • In-Kaged – intra workout
  • Re-Caged – post workout
  • MicroPure hey Protein Isolate – protein

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