JAX TELLER A Brand of Change

Jax Teller: Often there are many different aspects of what makes a brand and the underlying themes can really influence the brand. This brand was created to transcend the noise that has developed across the culture of the United States and much of the world, this noise being hate.  There is so much in the way of political division that the idea of just everyone being humans has taken a back seat to much of this noise in the world.  A group of friends who come from all walks of life from all areas of the country have put together a brand that will stand to start to mend the divide that is happening in the cultures of today’s world.

Much of the apparel is simple but the message is strong and should be taken to heart.  The apparel was made and crafted to get individuals to both think for themselves and to be walking talking billboards for change.  Much of the thought processes that went into making the shirts centered about ideas, ideas for moving society forward and what actions would have to be understood from both a societal stand point and at an individual stand point to defeat this noise.  The idea of using the one thing that sets us apart from other creatures seems to be a lost art but Jax Teller is going to bring that back, brains that is.

The new brand has burst onto the scene with some ideas that aren’t revolutionary at all but seems almost be just that.  Jax Teller thinks it is high time everyone become an outlaw for change and to start looking at society and your fellow man as a family member versus anything less.  This single view point here will prove to be the building blocks for the change that is needed in today’s world.


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