Iron Monkey Brand Overview

Iron Monkey doesn’t care about your gains.

Iron Monkey is not like your standard sports supplement brand, and they aren’t afraid to let you know. Most supplement brands say the same thing. They got tired of the hidden ingredients, want to make high-quality products, and want to change the world. Not Iron Monkey. Nope, they decided to make a sports supplement brand because they wanted to make products that they wanted to use.

Yep, they aren’t looking to change the world, and they aren’t hiding what they are really about. They made some supplements that they thought would be cool to use from ingredients that they had used in the past, and got decent results from. They even state on their website that they don’t care if you use their products or not. However, if you do want to try their stuff, then they will gladly welcome you along for the ride.


There three best-selling supplements are their pre-workout Rage, their fat burner Fire, and their protein powder Whey Protein. Rage is your standard pre-workout supplement. It isn’t loaded with a ton of ingredients. It has a nice dose of caffeine, and the necessary ingredients that have been clinically proven to help improve endurance and performance while you are in the gym.


Their fat burner Fire appears to be one of the best thermogenic weight loss supplements on the market. It has a strong dose of caffeine, but also has some other ingredients that will make the stimulant and cognitive effects of the caffeine work better. They use a nice dose of PEA, which will not only help give you more energy, but will also help you to feel better. Yep, PEA is great at improving your mood.


Iron Monkey’s Whey Protein is a nice blend of whey and casein protein. This combination will allow you to get all the benefits from the fast absorbing whey, while also helping to supply your body with amino acids for a sustained amount of time from the casein.


Iron Monkey appears to be a legit brand, with a legit goal. This father and son team didn’t design supplements that they claim will “change the supplement game forever.” Instead, they make products with ingredients that have worked for them.


Best Sellers:

  • Rage (pre-workout, energy, focus, performance)
  • Fire (weight loss, fat burner, thermogenic, energy)
  • Whey Protein (whey protein concentrate (WPC), casein, quick absorbing, sustained release)



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