Granite Supplements Brand Overview

John Meadows wants you to have a granite physique with Granite Supplements.

Granite Supplements is sports supplement brand that was founded by John Meadows. The brand has been around for a while, but has been rebranded during the past year. They now have close to 14 products, and whole lot of marketing. They make Intra-Keto, Joint Care, Intra-Carb, HyStim, Thermo Burn, Recovery, and Essential Aminos.


As for the prices on all of the Granite supplements, as you’d expect they do vary from item to item. Both Intra-Keto and Recovery are the most expensive at $59.99 each, you then have the joint formula Joint Care at $49.99, and the fat burner Thermo Burn at $48.99. Everything else is under $40 with the pre-workout HyStim at $39.99, Essential Aminos at $38.99, and Intra-Carb at $32.99.


It is also worth mentioning that there is a product that has not been launched with the revamped brand, and that is Granite’s more advanced pre-workout Pre-Mium.

Firstly we’ll touch on Granite’s rebrand which is quite a big change from its original look. The design is a lot more modern and uniform than the previous one, with the layout and graphics now remaining consistent across all of Granite’s products, and only the information, names, and minor color accents separating them all.


As for the supplements that actually make up the updated Granite lineup, there is a total of almost 14. Almost all of the products compete in the same categories as the brand’s current products, with the names of the items all being switched to more self-explanatory titles.


Making up the revamped Granite Supplements are the intra-workouts Intra-Carb, Intra-Keto, and the “evidence based intra-workout” Recovery. The other four supplements are the pre-workout HyStim, the obviously named amino Essential Aminos, Joint Care, and the fat burner Thermo Burn.


Granite appears to be serious about helping you reach your goals. If John Meadows has anything to say about it, Granite will continue to release new products that continue to push limits of human genetics. Check back with for more reviews on the Granite Supplements’ products.


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