Glaxon – Brand Intro

Glaxon is a Texas based Sports Nutrition and Well Being Brand that has been around for a while, but has flown largely under the radar for many in the scene. They have had a solid niche following in social media and in some regions at the retail level, and have been slowly developing and refining both its brand, image, and formulations over the last few years.

Recently, Glaxon has undergone a revamp of its product line with an excellent upgrade to their labels as well as big time evolution to its formulation and ingredients. Their first release in the newest generation of products was a capsuled nootropic product called Adrinall. Dishing out a complete and highly effective formula for cognitive enhancement, mood, and memory they have set a great tone for what is to come. Something they have done that many other companies have failed to do is both support their launches with both funny meme like content, but also with technical short form videos so you can feel both the brand’s vibe and intellect at the same time.

Their current launch schedule has Plasma Surge, Sedative, Slyce, and Super Greens lined up for launch and likely is already out to market direct from their website once this update has been published. Sedative is a creative take on relaxation and sleep addressing winding down, deep sleep, and some GH bonus release. Plasma Surge is a non-stim Pump product starring ingredients like classic L-Citrulline, Agmatine and Ornithine, while also hosting trademarked ingredeints like like VasoDrive-AP. Slyce is a novel fat burner that looks like 2-3 products combined with an actual emphasis on fat metabolism versus just a fancy stim. Super Greens is your super nutrient and food based blend built around medicinal mushrooms, berries, greens, and stand out anti-oxidants like tart cherry and pomegranate.

Overall, Glaxon still has a few more release slated for the coming months and its been an entertaining and effective re-launch of the brand. Looking forward to reviewing Adrinall first hand in the next few weeks following up this article.



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