Ghost Lifestyle The Brand of The Lifestyle

Ghost Lifestyle The Brand: As people have come to understand this seemingly weird little red ghost logo has become a rather major and influential player in the supplement industry.  The brand which started as an apparent lifestyle vision has grown into a market that is very saturated and competitive and thrived based off of its principles.  The brand states that in the simplest form it is the world’s first lifestyle brand.  The brand has a mantra of “be seen” which stems from the play on words of the brand being named ghost.  They want people to feel empowered to be heard, make an impact as they say we are all ghost.

Ghost Lifestyle The Brand was founded by two individuals known as Ryan Hughes and Daniel Lourenco.  Ryan is an IFBB pro that has become the chief marketing officer for Ghost.  He leads all of the marketing efforts with a strong eye for the brands now almost iconic design.  Much of the focus he puts into the brand is tailored toward social media.  Daniel is a proclaim cereal aficionado and has ingrained a “for us, by us” type of mentality into the brands DNA.  Daniel handles much of the product development for the brand which seems to always be growing and expanding.

Ghost Lifestyle The Brand seems to really focus on how to accelerate an individuals’ lifestyles needs in a positive manner by empowering them through quality supplements with a very specific vision.  The ghost family of products is rather simple at the outset, but the brands products are loaded and just preform as they assist the end user in living the lifestyle that they want to live.  If you are looking for an active lifestyle brand that is just fun, then you have surely found it.  If you want to learn more about how the brands was developed over time you can dive into their YouTube videos on their site of making the brand.


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