Chaos and Pain a Story of Hardcore

Chaos and Pain is a brand that was born out of pure hate for the normalcy of life in the nutritional supplement industry.  The brand was centered around Jamie Lewis’s blog and ideas that to be great one doesn’t have to be the most gifted athlete or the best at one particular task but just hate and intensity could power an individual through anything to become great.  Exercise in extremity was the moto that was pushed forward in the wildly popular blog that sprung the brand to life.

Chaos and Pain took this mentality into its products that it developed in the very stagnant and boring supplement industry.  When the brand hit the shelves in 2013 it was one of the first fully transparent label brands around.  The brand gained popularity and great exposure for this as it fit the over the top not bull personality that came along with it.  The brand has kept that attitude and vision going the entire timeof its existence never wavering on any of its core principles that make it the quality brand that it is today.  The brand seems to show no sign of slowing down.  The brand still constantly provides what it deems are the best supplements to be found on the market for the specific and intended use of that supplement.  This brand has a knack for making supplement that are so niche not many people understand how to use them properly.

With so many pop up brands now in the industry sometimes it is easy to overlook smaller brands such as Chaos and Pain that came into the industry and made positive changes which progressed everyone forward.  Just the simple concept of transparent and powerful formulas along with the ideas of building products for specific situations versus making catch all products for everything possible under the sun has put the brand into a great niche.


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