BSN Brand Intro – (Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition)

BSN Brand Intro : BSN was funded in 2001 and set its flag in the sports nutrition world with then giants EAS, Metrx, and Muscle Tech. From the start they had one mission in mind and that was to take the industry standards on formulation, manufacturing, and performance enhancement to the next level. Some would say almost two decades later that the industry would not be the same without them or their contributions to the now massive market that is Sports Nutrition and Fitness Supplements.

BSN could claim themselves as the originator of the preworkout category with their introduction of N.O. Xplode. At the time it was the only truly dedicated energy and endurance type formula on the market dedicated to the preworkout window. Remembering that at this time Ephedra and Andros ruled the land as the means to an effective and body morphing workout session, but with the ban of these products and pro-hormones the future was about change for good in Sports Nutrition sets across the country. Products like Xenadrine, Hydroxycut, Androstadione, were the retail monsters and nothing quite met with their effectiveness or popularity, but we had to say good bye, and many of those companies would flounder or re-invent themselves over and over to stay afloat. Read BSN Brand Intro .

With the banning of many of the most popular products it was within a few shorts years that the preworkout category became the dominant force where consumers started to spend their money with only a few options available (N.O. Xplode, SuperPump, etc..). Fast forward a few more years and the preworkout concentrate wars started to unfold with the likes of USP Labs Jack3d becoming the new king of the hill. N.O. Xplode never lost its swagger through those times, and to this stay still carries itself as a staple in many retail stores and now fridges as an RTD option.

Product Highlights

  • O. Xplode – PWO
  • Cell Mass – Creatine
  • Syntha-6 – Protein
  • Nitrix – Pump

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