Brand Intro – BodyDynamix (Slimvance™)

BodyDynamix Brand Intro: BodyDynamix is a brand that has been making some waves in the Health and Wellness categories with its line up of products geared towards weight loss solution. Finding their way to a top highlighted brand status with retailers like GNC and Amazon. They are best known for their Slimvance™ series which is the staple of their line up and their line host a few support supplements that can be used in combination with their Core Slimvance formulations.

Individuals in the clinical study using Slimvance lost 5lbs more than placebo receivers and also lost an inch more off their hips. This was diet, exercise, and supplementation with Slimvance. While clinical studies are a nice touch on a product always consider the full scope of the study before jumping to conclusion. This was a randomized and placebo study so that does add credit to the results attained in this case.  Also, the claims are pretty reasonable over 8 weeks with healthy overweight people being the main focus of the study and product effectiveness.

This brand seems to be best suited for someone strictly with weightloss on their mind and who wants an easy supplement instead of a multi-step cleanse. Also, if someone is already working out and needs a little boost this may be a product line and company that offers solutions for a casual customer who isn’t necessarily looking for protein shakes and or muscle building in addition to their weightloss goals.

At one point and potentially still they were considered the best selling weightloss product at GNC, so given the large amount of internet sales and over 4000 retail locations there is a bit of hype surrounding the brand within the weightloss community, if not the fitness community as well. Read more about BodyDynamix Brand Intro.


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