BPI Sports Brand Overview

BPI has been around since the late 2000s. They first arrived on the scene during the USPlabs and Cellucor eras. They were the third most popular brand in GNC at the start of 2011, and quickly took advantage of USPlabs’ legal troubles with the FDA, and moved into second overall. They were unable to pass Cellucor at the time.

Cellucor was still bribing the GNC employees with more Promotional Money (PMs) than anyone else at the time, until Performix took over their top spot. Performix rose to popularity in GNC once Cellucor was banned from paying for top GNC officials to go on vacation. In fact, one ex-Cellucor employee spent 20k on the company card to take an entire region of GNC managers, senior store managers, and regional sales directors on an exotic beach vacation.

BPI wasn’t involved in these types of shady activities, but were still able to build a reputable presence in GNC, and as a result, the rest of the sports supplement world. In the distributor side of things, BPI was giving away crazy deals such as 4+1s to get into retail stores around the country. A 4+1 is when a local independent store orders 4 products, and then BPI gives them one for free. The strategy worked, and BPI made it into independent, aka mom and pop, stores around the country.

After the current revolution in the sports supplement industry, BPI’s place in these local independent stores started to fade. But, by this time, they had already accomplished what they had set out to do. They had become known worldwide. And now today, they are an online, worldwide giant.

When BPI was first born, they were different from the standard sports supplement brands of the day. They weren’t formed on the principles of integrity, products that worked, or any of the other stuff that supplement companies like to throw around. Instead, they acknowledged that they were a marketing brand first, and a sports supplement brand second. Well, it looks like it worked out for Derick and the BPI crew, and now they remain one of the largest sports supplement brands in the world.

Best Sellers:

  • 1MR Vortex – (pre-workout, high stimulant, pumps, focus)
  • Best BCAA (branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), recovery)
  • Pump HD (nitric oxide (NO) booster, pumps, recovery)
  • Roxy Lean (thermogenic weight loss, fat burner, energy)
  • Whey HD [protein blend, whey protein isolate (WPI), whey protein concentrate (WPC), milk protein isolate (MPI), milk protein concentrate (MPI)]


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