Arms Race Nutrition

Arms Race Nutrition: Nothing says let’s go out and make some super star products like the name Arms Race Nutrition.  That is literally what the brand has done, they wanted to do an influencer brand right and spare no expenses in the process.  The brand settled with Julian Smith, which combined high visibility with the fundamental principles of the brands existing full transparent labels, efficacious serving sizes, and ingredients that are verified to be both safe and extremely effective.

The brand, Arms Race Nutrition, identity was simply, they combined Julian Smith’s old-school mentality, with a no-nonsense dedication to training, coupled together with modern sciences of nutritional and dietary supplements.  This is where the brand developed the mantra of “Old School Dedication and Modern Science”.  This single Mantra really set the stage for the brand to grow and develop into what it is today.  The brand infused the old school and the new school into a brand that is extremely synergistic in every element from contrasting the polished and distressed branding elements that are present in the logo.  This allows the brand to have unique craft paper and gritty feel to its labels and site.

The brand, Arms Race Nutrition, seems to have all of its ducks in a row and just really seems to be making a splashing in developing quality product around a great idea that makes a lot of sense to the individual user.  The brand is by no means flashy and this is a stark comparison to much of the market where brands are taking many directions but to the extremity.  The reality is the average users does not understand any of this and they simply want products that will work every single time they take them.


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