Animal Pak Brand Intro

Animal Pak Brand Intro: Anyone who has been in the fitness industry or has walked into a real gym in the last 30 years has likely ran into someone with an Animal branded shirt, water bottle, shaker, or gym bag. They were founded in 1983, and came out with the largest handful of pills every contained in a packet of sports nutrition centered mutis, the Animal Pak.

The Pak also referring to the tenacious nature of its brand enthusiasts and loyal customer base. They were simply the grinders, the meatheads, and the dedicated top echelon of the bodybuilding world. Not always focused on winning trophies on a stage, but that life, the get big, lift heavy, and eat like a king (and supplement like one as well.) life. Animal Pak Brand Intro

Their line up has changed over the last few years away from the packets of pills and more to the powdered world, but still centers around highpotency and highly effective formulations that drive even the most alpha of beasts to sacrifice the gains to the iron alter of the Pak leader.

You can find a host of products, from preworkouts to thermogenics. They offer protein bars, MRPS, and other food supplements as well to ensure their customers never go hungry. You can find advance level test boosters that are stackable as well as joint, sleep, and immune support in their line up as well.

Product Highlights

  • Animal Pak – Multi
  • Animal Fury – PWO
  • Animal Flex – Joint
  • Animal Stack – T Booster

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